WeTransfer halka arzı iptal

WeTransfer teknoloji hisselerine gelen sert satışların yatırımcı iştahını azaltması sonrası Amsterdam’da yapacağı halka arz planlarını geri çekti.

Şirketten yapılan açıklamada halka arzın piyasalarda oluşan oynaklık nedeniyle geri çekildiği belirtildi. Şirket ilk etapta finansman hedefini yüzde 20 düşürerek 125 milyon euro olarak revize etmişti. Teklif edilen halka arzla birlikte şirketin değerini 716 milyon euroya ulaşmıştı.

Legal & General Investment Management fon yöneticisi Gavin Launder, piyasa koşullarının söz konusu halka arza katılmamalarında kısmen etkili olduğunu kaydetti. Launder halka arz ile ilgili endişelerinde “Şirketin giriş için herhangi bir engele sahip olmaması ve Google ve Amazon.com Inc. gibi bulut altyapısına sahip firmaların sektöre girme ihtimalinin” etkili olduğunu belirti.

Bloomberg’e konuşan bir kaynak şirketin birçok olasılığı değerlendirdiğini, ileri tarihte halka arz ya da birleşme/satın alma gibi seçeneklerin devre dışı olmadığını söyledi.

Hali hazırda değerleme beklentilerini revize eden WeTransfer 1 milyar dolara ulaşan startuplar için kullanılan “Unicorn” unvanını elde etme şansını kaçırdı. Şirketin ortaklarından Irena Goldenberg konuyla ilgili yaptığı açıklamada halka arz iptal kararının, hisselerinin bir kısmını satmayı planlayan Highland Europe Technology ve HPE Institutional şirketlerinin uzun dönemli ortak kalma planlarında değişiklik yaratmadığını belirtti.


Welcome to WeTransfer

Founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world, WeTransfer has since grown into an ecosystem of creative productivity tools. The company’s suite of tools is specifically designed for creative professionals, enabling collaboration, co-creation and client management across their workflow process.

As a certified B Corporation™, WeTransfer has long been a champion of using business as a force for good. The company famously donates 30% of its advertising real estate to raise awareness for artists and creative work.

Responsible business

Good ideas deserve good company, and WeTransfer has built a business with empathy at its core. WeTransfer is driven by a sense of purpose and a belief that only sustainable and responsible businesses can stay relevant in the future.

This core value permeates throughout the organization and impacts every aspect of WeTransfer’s business practices. The company elected to have its social and environmental performance, as well as its focus on accountability and transparency, assessed against the proprietary criteria established by B Lab, an independent non-profit organization.

In March 2020, WeTransfer was designated as a Certified B Corporation, confirming its ambition to strengthen its values-driven approach to responsible technology and business.

Commitment to the creative community

WeTransfer believes creativity is the driving force behind humankind, and the company takes pride in supporting the global community of creatives who rely on its tools every single day.

Since the beginning WeTransfer has donated 30% of advertising real estate to raise awareness for artists, creative work, and some of the world’s most pressing issues. This has led to partnerships with artists and organizations like Björk, FKA twigs, Marina Abramović, Riz Ahmed, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the UN Development Program and Seatrees.

In 2016, WeTransfer helped launch the world’s first free Masters of the Arts in design thinking with the University of the Underground, as well as Worldwide FM, a global radio station run by legendary BBC broadcaster Gilles Peterson. In 2021 the company launched The Supporting Act, a foundation designed to support emerging creative talent.

  1. Founder story
    WeTransfer is founded in Amsterdam in 2009 by Dutch entrepreneurs Bas Beerens and Nalden. The pair build a file-sharing tool to solve the problems they frequently face as designers and creatives—being unable to send large, design-heavy files over the internet. 

    WeTransfer is built on a foundation of design-driven businesses including Oy, Bas Beerens’ creative studio, and Present Plus, founded by Damian Bradfield and Nalden (which is later acquired by WeTransfer.) As a result, from day one the business prioritizes user experience, making its tools beautiful, frictionless, and unobtrusive.

    To help fund their endeavor Bas and Nalden pioneer a non-intrusive advertising model for the tool in the form of beautiful, full-screen wallpapers. 30% of all advertising inventory is donated to promote the work of other creatives and charitable causes.

  2. Growth
    Within three months of launch, WeTransfer is already being used in 187 countries around the world. 

    Damian Bradfield joins WeTransfer as Chief Strategic Officer, later becoming Chief Creative Officer.

  3. Launch of WeTransfer Plus
    WeTransfer Plus (rebranded to WeTransfer Pro in 2019) —a premium service for bigger files, extra storage, and personalization features—launches, giving users the ability to password-protect files.
  4. Profitability
    WeTransfer reaches the milestone of two million daily transfers and turns profitable.
  5. Series A
    WeTransfer raises a Series A funding round with Highland Europe investing approximately US$25 million of secondary and primary capital. At this point, the company handles over a billion transfers annually, or 30 transfers per second.
  6. US expansion
    WeTransfer acquires the digital design and innovation studio Present Plus, originally co-founded by Damian Bradfield and WeTransfer co-founder Nalden. 

    WeTransfer expands into the US, opening an office in Los Angeles and giving US students free access to WeTransfer Plus.

    WeTransfer is named by Fast Company as one of the most innovative design companies in the world.

  7. Gordon appointed CEO
    In January Gordon Willoughby joins WeTransfer to become Chief Executive Officer leading the company on the next stage of its growth, as Bas Beerens steps back from day-to-day operations and becomes Executive Chairman.
  8. New tools, growth of US presence
    WeTransfer adds two new tools to its portfolio by acquiring the popular creative apps Paper® and Paste® from FiftyThree, expanding its presence in the United States to New York City. 

    WeTransfer relaunches its blog This Works as the bespoke editorial platform WePresent to tell unexpected stories about creativity.

  9. Funding round
    WeTransfer raises a Series B funding round with HPE Growth leading EUR 35 million in an all-secondary round. 

    The company launches The Paper Store in its Paper app, rolls out video wallpapers for Pro users, and airs the first season of its Influence podcast.

    WeTransfer is named by Fast Company as one of the most innovative design companies in the world.

  10. B Corp certification
    WeTransfer becomes a certified B Corporation, verifying its track record of success in meeting the highest standards in balancing profit and purpose across social and environmental performance, transparency, governance, and accountability. 

    Senior appointments
    Martha Lane Fox, co-founder of lastminute.com is appointed Chair of WeTransfer’s Supervisory Board.

    The company announces two key additions to its executive leadership team with the appointment of Melissa Nussbaum as Chief Financial Officer and Alexandar Vassilev as Chief Product and Technology Officer.

  11. Strong growth
    WeTransfer’s user base grows to 87 million monthly active users and the company surpasses €100m in revenue in 2021. WeTransfer hires over 130 people, bringing the total number of employees close to 300. 

    Product development
    WeTransfer further expands its Pro offering by increasing file size limit to 200 GB and launching team functionality. Pro subscribers also get access to a beta rollout of portals and reviews, a new set of capabilities designed to streamline the workflow process between creative professionals and their clients.

    Giving back
    WeTransfer launches The Supporting Act Foundation, a charitable organization supporting emerging creative talent through arts education, grants, and an annual prize. The company also receives Climate Neutral Certification following a pledge to reduce emissions by 30% by 2025.

  12. Launch of WeTransfer Premium
    WeTransfer launches the WeTransfer Premium tier, which combines its most comprehensive offering across its tools and capabilities in an integrated ecosystem. Premium customers will benefit from unlimited portals and reviews, unlimited transfer size, and unlimited storage. It also includes unlimited access to the full breadth of WeTransfer tools including Collect, to gather and organize ideas; Paste, to simply and beautifully present ideas; and WeTransfer, to send big ideas in whatever form they exist.



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